Current Vacancies
We are seeking expressions of interest from people who may be unable to continue in their own work, students who are unable to attend college, or other relevant people  who may be in a position to help us out through this crisis.
We understand that not everyone will have previous experience in front line services, however they may have skills that we could call upon as needed.
We are interested in hearing from people who have experience of working in a similar service, but certainly not limited to that.
We are also interested in hearing from others who may have skills that we require to support our frontline staff in their roles.
If someone is a retired or student healthcare professional, we would be interested in hearing from them if they were available.
Equally if someone left a similar service or our organisation and would be willing to help out at this time, we would welcome their expression of interest.

If someone who would be interested is not a healthcare professional but has other skills to offer, we are also interested in hearing from them.

Students in other disciplines or professionals in other disciplines may be in a position to support our frontline services, or backfill for redeployed staff in our organisation.

We are asking for an expression of interest. In an ideal world, if everything goes well, we would not need to call on any additional supporting staff, however if we do, we may not need every one.

 The types of roles and how many will depend on the impact COVID-19 has on our staff and residents. We will be in touch with those who express an interest if their skill area is relevant and needed in a particular location.

At the moment we do not know the locations where the roles will come up. The location of roles will be dependent on the impact COVID19 has on our staff and services.

We cannot say when exactly we will contact people or indeed if we will contact them, this depends on what kind of workers/ volunteers needed.

We will contact those whose  skillset, availability and geographic location match with the emerging needs of the service.

This means we are responding to needs as, where and when they arise. We cannot predict where the need will arise.

As you can appreciate this is a busy and challenging time for the services.

 We will contact those interested mainly via mobile phone (text/ phone call and email).

There is likely to be different types of work hours/ shifts available. We cannot say at the moment about the exact hours that will become available as that depends on the needs of the particular service.

If a role comes up for anyone, the hours of work will be outlined at that time.

We expect that any arrangement will be on an ‘if and when’ required basis and for a three month period (initially in any case).
In addition, there may be people you know who are not able to work in their jobs, but are being paid and may be in a position to give some voluntary hours– in this case they should also fill out the form and state that they are available on a voluntary basis.
(Because a lot of businesses have had to close down, staff who have been laid off are welcome to express interest – in fact all and everybody who may be able to help in any way)























The Muiriosa Foundation is an equal opportunities employer.


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